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My name is Bianca. I am daughter of the Sea who spends most of my time drinking coffee, reading books and dreaming about the places I want to visit.
This blog serves as my online diary where I write my thoughts, hopes and dreams.

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My cousin iMessaged me this afternoon and asked me if I want to go with them to Sophie’s Mom in Makati. I said yes since I craved cupcakes so bad. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people when we arrived so we went to Glorietta instead.

We walked around the neighbouring malls of Glorietta. Just imagine how much my feet hurts but it’s okay though, I consider walking around the mall an exercise. We ate at Pancake House for dinner and bought froyo at Pinkberry. Finally tried it. It’s my new favourite. I always buy my froyo at White Hat. They’re both good though. Seriously, I have a lot to blog right now but I’ll post them some other time since I don’t want to flood you guys.

After that, we paid Vanilla Cupcake Bakery a visit. I absolutely love the interiors. Everything was just lovely. The cupcakes were beautiful too. We bought six. I forgot the names but they’re absolutely delicious. It’s little expensive but worth the cost. We decided to take it out though since the store was really hot even though there were only a few people and it’s night time. I can’t stand the heat. That’s the only thing I disliked about the store. I will definitely visit again though.

In other news, it breaks my heart when I learned that Visayas was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. There were a lot of historical structures that are damaged. Let’s pray for the safety of our fellow countrymen and may the guidance of our Heavenly Father be with them always.

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